BREAKING: NASA confirms alien intelligence in Proxima Centauri to vaporize UK in event of Brexit

NASA has said today that all life in Britain risks being destroyed in the event of Brexit. NASA has received a signal hidden inside an EU communique from our closest star system, Proxima Centauri

by Project Fear, or Captain Spoof? on 14 May 2016 16:21


All known life forms, including the bacteria, would be destroyed in the event of Britain leaving the European Union in the June 23 referendum, NASA, on behalf of David Cameron and the European Commission, said on Saturday.

NASA said in a statement:

"We (like the IMF, OECD etc) are an entirely independent organization, dependent on pleasing the powers that be, and which fund us. We were offered $35 million to discover a hidden message in transmissions from Proxima Centauri from what appears to be an alien intelligence.

"It was amazing, even to our top scientists."

The world historical report from NASA, which, by complete coincidence, has surfaced just as the campaign for Britain to remain inside the European Union looks to be in desperate trouble, said:

"We have communicated through binary and digital systems with Proxima Centauri for several years. But, it was only from last week that we started to get the messages relayed from the European Space Agency (ESA)."

The de-encrypted message that was relayed, via the alien intelligence in Proxima Centauri, from the ESA, was as follows:

"If the people of Britain vote to leave the European Union on June 23, we will vaporize the British Isles; all known forms of life, including the bacteria, will be finished. Say goodbye to Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding."

A spokesperson for EU Remain said: "You have been warned."

An asteroid attack on London has also been mooted by the ESA in the event of Brexit.

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