Brexit gets massive boost from latest Guardian opinion polls

EU remain campaign's scare tactics appear to backfire as two new polls -- conducted both by internet and, crucially, by telephone -- show Brexit in the lead

by the commentator on 1 June 2016 10:59


The campaign for Britain to leave the European Union has received a major boost from two new opinion polls published in the Guardian newspaper.

Guardian/ICM said Brexit held a 52-48 percent lead in opinion polls conducted both by phone and online.

It is the shift in favour of Brexit in the telephone poll that will strike terror into the hearts of the Remain campaign. A significant trend in recent weeks and months has been for phone polls to give a small but solid lead to Remain, while internet polls have either shown a dead heat or a slight lead for Brexit.

Though it is too early to draw conclusions on the basis of two polls, if other surveys show a convergence between the telephone polling and the internet polling in favour of Brexit, panic is likely to take hold in the Remain camp.

Remain stands accused of a dishonest campaign based on scaremongering. Brexiteers have long said such tactics would backfire.

A BMG poll also gave Brexit a (very slight) lead, meaning that 3 of 4 opinion polls in the last week of May showed a majority of Britons intending to vote to leave.

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