White Collar Factory brings world-class connectivity to Tech City with WiredScore Platinum Certification

Derwent’s White Collar Factory site has secured the UK’s first Wired Certified Platinum for Development & Redevelopment rating from WiredScore, the digital connectivity rating scheme.

by the commentator on 2 June 2016 07:13


London’s White Collar Factory redevelopment in EC1 has been recognised for offering world-class connectivity by digital connectivity rating scheme WiredScore, bringing high quality infrastructure and internet access to the heart of London's Tech City. 

The site is one of Derwent London’s most ambitious schemes to date, based on a major corner site at ‘Silicon Roundabout’ at Old Street.

The scheme includes a new 16-storey 237,000 sq ft office tower incorporating our White Collar Factory concept along with campus buildings containing offices, retail and residential plus a new public square.

Welcoming the news Philippa Davies, Leasing Surveyor, Derwent London said, “With so many tenants working in the creative and digital industries, providing world-class connectivity and infrastructure is vital to enable entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.  We brought fibre into the building to ensure White Collar Factory is equipped with premium connectivity in an area of London often criticised for poor broadband. “

She continued, “WiredScore’s independent connectivity accreditation allows us to highlight the first class levels of connectivity at White Collar Factory and sets the standard for innovative and progressive landlords who hope to attract top businesses in London’s booming digital economy.”

WiredScore’s UK director William Newton said, “Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the growth of London’s digital economy. That’s why it’s critical that businesses are offered independent intelligence into the standards of connectivity in prospective office spaces.

“It is great to see the likes of Derwent London understanding and prioritising the digital needs of tenants at White Collar Factory and other buildings in their portfolio. Providing insight into a building’s connectivity from the development stage helps landlords and project managers embed and improve technology infrastructure from the earliest stages of design,” concluded Newton.

The Wired Certified Platinum for Development & Redevelopment rating at White Collar Factory is part of a broader initiative from Derwent London, who are pursuing Wired Certification on 18 properties across their portfolio, providing information and transparency about quality connectivity and latest technology infrastructure to their tenants. The Group’s aim is to deliver the best internet connectivity on all its properties.

The news comes following a recent announce from London’s new Mayor Sadiq Khan that he wants London’s Tech City to compete with US innovation hubs like Silicon Valley. 

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