In the mind of the Trumpster

Drastically underestimated, Donald Trump is on the verge of making history. The establishment still doesn't understand that his supporters don't so much love the Trump as despise the establishment itself

Look at me now...
Robin Mitchinson
On 5 June 2016 10:46

I said this time next year I'm gonna be the one to do

Everything and more you said I couldn't do. 

This one is for you

If a week is a long time in politics, a year is an aeon. About this time last year, The Donald was one of the biggest jokes in political history; a loud-mouthed demagogue, a political child with no known ideology or convictions, a clown, a ranter, a racist, a much-married sexist, a multi-bankrupt.

He was given a 2 percent chance of success.

Now he’s King of the Midden in the GOP, and the cognoscenti are scratching their heads wondering how the impossible happened. The answer to their dilemma is simple; ask the people.

Their reply will also be simple:

We are fed-up! We are not for Trump. We are against you, the Establishment.

We detest the selfish, self-seeking, self-satisfied, self-regarding and self-perpetuating oligarchy that over the past 40 years has stealthily infiltrated what was once a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Not any more, it ain’t!

We reckon that we are very close to a dictatorship by MOTU - the Masters of the Universe who cosy up to each other: Wall Street, multi-national business juggernauts, bankers getting 8+-figure pay-packets, politicians in gerrymandered constituencies who never need to bother about re-election.

We are totally pissed-off that blue collar wages have not improved by a single cent in 25 years. At the same time, the gap between rich and poor has grown obscenely. And with the bankers who cost many of us our homes in the sub-prime scandal.

How many are in jail?. And the plutocrats and their tax-breaks; remember how a fabulously wealthy Republican disclosed how he paid less percentage tax than his secretary (and nothing on a $100 million wedge in ‘Tax efficient off-shore investment vehicles’).

We are sick of aggressive feminazis, the sapphist force de frappe and their incessant search for new grievances. And with all this garbage about transgender.

There is no such thing; you either have xx chromosomes or xy. All this stuff about trannies being allowed to use the toilets of the opposite sex is a perv’s charter.

So who is the more valuable member of society – your senator or your plumber?

It is long past time when the MOTU were cut down to size.

... And that’s Trumpism..

This is for everybody 

Who always put me down

I hope you open up your eyes 

And take a good look at me now

Robin Mitchinson is a Contributing Editor to The Commentator. A former barrister, living in the Isle of Man, he is an international public management specialist with almost two decades of experience in institutional development, decentralisation and democratisation processes. He has advised governments and major international institutions across the world

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