Ignore ‘Little Europeans’ and vote for a Global Britain

Go for Project Hope, not Project Fear. Britain can regain its independence on Thursday. These opportunities do not come around very often. Let's get Britain out of the European Union, and make a fresh start

Time to replace Brussels for good
Ryan Fiske
On 22 June 2016 10:36

On Thursday June 23rd, the Great British Public will have a historic decision to make -- whether or not to ‘Leave’ the EU. This is a chance for a national rebirth, with a reawakening of confidence and a belief in Great Britain.

For over 40 years, Britain has not been able to take its proper place in the world, being hampered by our membership of the EU. The Prime Minister, the Chancellor and the Remain camp simply don’t believe Britain’s role in the world is as a proud, strong and independent nation.

Rather, they celebrate Britain being shackled to the EU, with a lack of control over our own destiny. Leave voters reject such a pessimistic vision for Britain. We are a nation capable of self-government, democratic accountability and, in important respects, leading the world.

We have so many reasons to be optimistic about our future.

Europe, by contrast, is in decline. As a share of the world economy, the EU’s economic power is fading fast.

In 1980 the EU’s share of global output was over 25 percent. It will soon drop to below 15 percent. The importance of the EU to the world is dwindling even as it attempts to march towards a federal super state. Why the Remain side feels the need to continue to be chained to an institution in decline is a mystery to us at Get Britain Out, and to many others too.

EU fanatics are stuck in a 1960s mind-set when Europe was a powerhouse. This narrow-minded euro-centric view of the world is out of date for the 21st century.

Britain has been a truly global trading nation for centuries, but the EU threatens this. It imposed the common external tariff, making our imports from outside the EU more expensive, and making your weekly shop far more costly than it should be.

In economic terms, Britain is beginning to leave the EU behind; we are already the second largest economy in the EU behind Germany. The current estimate is that the UK will overtake the German economy in the 2020s. Britain will continue to grow once freed from Brussels’ excessive regulations, currently costing the UK economy over £33 billion a year.

The UK is still worthy of a place at the global economic table -- we still have our seats at the G8 and G20. The idea we would be an economic pariah state -- which Chancellor George Osborne has been peddling -- is nonsense. We are a great economic power; and we can become a global trading nation again.

We will be able to strike our own free trade deals with countries such as Canada and India, rather than the EU failing on our behalf. Of course, trade with the EU is important and it will continue, but just as Norway, Switzerland and Iceland have trade deals with the EU and the wider world, so will Britain.

After all, they sell more to us than we sell to them, and this isn't going to change. But there is a whole world to trade with out there, beyond the EU, and we should not let the ‘Little Europeans’ prevent us from embracing it.

Remain campaigners peddle the idea that 28 unelected European Commissioners know what is best for Britain, instead of Britons deciding who should govern our own country. The EU has wrenched the power out of our hands, and it’s time for us to grab it back.

Around 60 percent of our laws are now made by the EU. If you want an EU law repealed, there is very little you can do about it. This can only be initiated by the unelected EU Commission. Our elected MPs can do nothing. Our elected MEPs can also do next to nothing.

When we are out of the EU, democratic powers will be restored to Westminster, affecting farming, migration, VAT, employment law and, of course, control of our own borders. Once again, our laws will be in the hands of the British people. They, rather than the EU, will decide Britain’s future.

The EU is trying to shove Britain aside on the global stage. They already have increasing ambitions for an EU army which are set to be unveiled shortly after the referendum. Our UN Security Council seat has long been the subject of envy by the EU and they would love nothing more than for this to become their own.

But the very fact we have our own seat shows we do not need to be part of the declining EU. The ‘Little Europeans’ think we are too weak to stand on our own two feet, but nothing could be further from the truth. We are widely considered to be one of the five most powerful nations on Earth. Do not fall for the lies and scaremongering being bandied about by Remain. Britain still matters on the world stage and after Brexit we will matter even more.  

Great Britain is a truly great country, but we could be even greater outside the EU. We are currently hamstrung by excessive EU regulations and we are being dragged down by the bloc's economic problems. Our democracy has been taken away from us and increasingly the EU tries to steal our powers in the international arena.

On June 23rd, when you cast your vote to decide the fate of the United Kingdom, remember that we are a great nation.

Reject the pessimism of the Remain campaign. Vote Leave on Thursday, and thus make sure that we Get Britain Out of the EU.

Ryan Fiske is a Research Executive for the cross-party, grassroots, Eurosceptic campaign Get Britain Out

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