Cameron preparing Friday reshuffle following EU vote

Sources within the Civil Service speculate around a Cabinet reshuffle this Friday following a bruising Brexit debate. Prime Minister David Cameron expected to make significant changes including moving Business Secretary Sajid Javid to another key role following Tata Steel crisis

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 22 June 2016 15:17


The Civil Service is bracing itself for a Friday Reshuffle, this newspaper can exclusively reveal. Speaking to The Commentator,  a high ranking civil servant said, “We have all been told to prepare for a Friday morning reshuffle and have already prepared the First Day Briefings for new ministers.”

The reshuffle is going to place in the immediate aftermath of EU Referendum Result and is likely going to happen swiftly so that David Cameron can reclaim the news agenda and begin to unify his party.

With the polls being so tight it is unlikely that either side in the referendum will have a decisive victory, creating an increased urgency for Cameron to bring his party together.

One Conservative Party source said “Ironically Cameron is in a much weaker position as head of a majority government rather than coalition. He could ignore his backbenchers when he could rely on Liberal Democrats but with a razor thin majority every MP matters. This referendum has strained the party almost to breaking point, so the sooner he can nurse hurt feelings and repair relationships, the better.”

As the most public face of the Vote Leave campaign, it is likely that Boris will be given one of the great offices of state and there has been much chatter in the Westminster Bubble of Liam Fox returning to cabinet.

The reshuffle will not only be focused on party unity, it will also give David Cameron the opportunity to do some house cleaning.

For example, one government source claimed “Sajjid Javid is likely going to be moved sideways from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. He has had a rotten time of it with that whole mess over Chinese Steel and is unpopular with his department in the wake of closing over 80 department offices. He is popular with Cameron and Osborne though - so is likely going to land on his feet.”

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