INSTANT VIEW: BREXIT wins, democracy wins. Cameron, Osborne, Carney must now resign

Leading figures in UK establishment led one of the most disgraceful scare campaigns in British political history. It failed. Cameron, Osborne, and Bank of England's Carney must resign immediately. Boris Johnson must take over as PM. We now need a new start to manage Brexit, and we need cool heads to prevail across the board

The British flag flies higher
the commentator
On 24 June 2016 03:57

The EU Remain effort was perhaps the most disgraceful official campaign in modern political history. The British people were deluged with scare stories of such magnitude and breadth that describing it all as a campaign of lies is no exaggeration.

But it didn't work. Britain has voted, with a turnout of over 70 percent, to leave the European Union.

And, for that reason, there is real hope now for the democratic future of Britain, and of Europe itself.

Fear failed; hope prevailed.

There is much now to do; but some first steps should be clear.

First, David Cameron has to go, immediately. He led this campaign of lies; he lost it. He isn't credible now, and if he stays on it will merely reinforce the notion that, however badly one fails, there will never be any consequences for the establishment.

Second, George Osborne (Chancellor), and Mark Carney (Governor of the Bank of England) must resign too. They both (disgracefully) talked down the British economy to frighten people into remaining in the EU. There are good people out there who can replace them. They should do so today.

Third, international leaders need to behave responsibly. The European Commission won't. No surprise there. Barack Obama and Angela Merkel need to get on the phone to calm things down. If chaos ensues it will be because such leaders refused to recognise their responsibilities.

Since 2007/8 it has also been clear that there is mass incompetence in the financial markets. Volatility is therefore inevitable. Top financial institutions need to act soberly, and help everyone put matters into perspective. 

Fourth, above all, everyone needs to calm down. Project Fear set things up such that a vote for Brexit was bound to cause initial panic.

That is why the leading figures associated with the Remain campaign need to be put out to pasture. It's not vengeance; it's just the sensible way forward. But we will have to deal with the consequences of a highly embittered establishment that tried to harm Britain in order to protect its own privilege.

Fifth, Boris Johnson needs to take over as Prime Minister without delay. He's the right man for the job, and we need someone of stature to manage the transition.

There will be much more to do, but these initial steps need to be taken right away.

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