Lying Remain camp responsible for eruption of racism

The entire Remain campaign was based on a pack of lies. Most of the scares have already been exposed. But by haunting immigrants with fears of being deported, and thus whipping up race-based hysteria, they have one last card to play in their shameful effort to smash the democratic will of the people

All we said was, "bye"
the commentator
On 5 July 2016 12:01

Keep your eye on the ball. Every lie, every distortion, every piece of scaremongering from the EU Remain camp is aimed at one thing: to overturn the result of a free and fair referendum of the British people on our membership of the European Union.

These scoundrels will stop at nothing, as we saw during the campaign itself. And if, in order to smash the will of the people, they have to whip up such a frenzy that there is an outbreak of xenophobia and even racism, their attitude is this: so be it.

Make no mistake about it. They're sowing fear and division in order to create a pretext for either running another referendum or, better still, getting parliament to ignore the one we've just had.

Think about it. Even after a full Brexit, Britain will still have one of the most liberal immigration policies in the world. Indeed, it will be far more liberal than the European Union's which blatantly discriminates in favour of a predominantly Caucasian Europe and against a predominantly non-Caucasian world.

Yes, there are nut jobs on the Brexit side, as there are on the Remain side. But the Brexit case is largely internationalist. Put another way, we Brexiteers are quintessentially anti-xenophobic. It is the white-world-Europeanists who have the case to answer on the racism and xenophobia score which is why so many in the Afro-Caribbean and Asian community voted Brexit.

Remainers based their entire campaign on utterly dishonest scaremongering. Most of the lies they told have already been blown out of the water. For example, it took George Osborne barely 24 hours to admit that he wouldn't, after all, be holding an emergency budget. He knew he was lying when he made the threat.

(Contrary to claims, the FTSE 100 has soared after the referendum, while European stock markets have tanked. It was supposed to be the other way around. This is why the "experts" that got everything wrong prior to the Great Recession of 2007/8 are rightly distrusted by sensible and reasoned observers.)

Those calling the Remainers sore losers are dangerously wrong. These people don't think it's over. They don't yet think they've lost.

By haunting immigrants with the fear they're going to be deported by the evil Brexiteers (and thus energising the racists), they're hoping to create precisely the atmosphere in which the referendum can be voided.

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