How to get on in politics. Fail!

The on-going farce in what is left of the Labour Party is nothing compared with the shin-kicking, eyeball-gouging Donnybrook going on amongst the Tories

Next in line for PM?
Robin Mitchinson
On 7 July 2016 14:38

'Few things in life are more agreeable than seeing your neighbour fall off his roof’: Confucius.

‘Tory leadership: Theresa May warns EU migration could rise in the wake of the Brexit vote’. Telegraph headline.

If she is still in place after the leadership contest, this is a racing certainty based on her form.

Last year, immigration hit 630,000. This was a slight improvement on the previous year when the figure was 641,000.

When she took over in 2010, the total was 591,000, which at least shows a certain consistency even if totally contrary to Tory manifesto promises of ‘tens of thousands, not hundreds’.

At the last count the foreign population of Britain was 8.5 million, a hefty percentage of the total.

And yet she has moved from ‘also ran’ to favourite in what passes for a leadership contest. The on-going farce in what is left of the Labour Party is nothing compared with the shin-kicking, eyeball-gouging Donnybrook going on amongst the Tories.

Now she is advocating using the 3 million-plus Europeans as hostages, in her Brexit negotiations with Brussels.

This is beyond doubt the most immoral and deplorable statement to be made by any politician during the whole referendum campaign. It elevates xenophobia to a political policy. She is supported in this by Hammond, the Foreign Secretary -- another ‘get off the field and strengthen the side’ Tory lightweight.

She was immediately condemned by Andrea Leadsom who made it clear that the security of EU workers would be guaranteed; people were not there to be used as bargaining chips.

Andrea Who? A couple of weeks ago hardly anyone had ever heard of her. Now she is mounting a serious challenge to Teflon Tess.

And finally………..

Telegraph headline ‘Andrea Leadsom surges ahead…….’

No more than three minutes later ‘May surges ahead…….’

Tories seem to surge a lot.

Robin Mitchinson is a Contributing Editor to The Commentator. A former barrister, living in the Isle of Man, he is an international public management specialist with almost two decades of experience in institutional development, decentralisation and democratisation processes. He has advised governments and major international institutions across the world

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