Labour crisis deepens with Corbyn set to remain leader

Labour's National Executive Committe has voted 18-14 to allow Jeremy Corbyn to run automatically in the leadership contest, meaning he will almost certainly remain leader up to the next general election, an election, polls show, he will lose

by the commentator on 12 July 2016 18:15


The Labour Party was plunged into fresh crisis on Tuesday as its National Executive Committee (NEC), by a vote of 18-14, allowed Jeremy Corbyn to run automatically in the party's forthcoming leadership contest.

He will not now need the support of 20 percent of Labour MPs, something which he would not have got.

But anti-Corbyn Labour members are not taking the decision lying down, and there is already talk of questioning the NEC's decision in the courts.

Corbyn, a quasi-Trotskyist has the support of a large number of totalitarian-oriented Labour members who joined the party specifically to push it to the far-Left. Less than a year ago, Corbyn won by a massive margin, garnering 59.5 percent of the vote.

Since it is the party members that will decide the leadership contest, it is highly likely that Corbyn will now remain leader up to the next election, slated for 2020.

Opinion polls show that he would have little or no chance of getting a parliamentary majority at a general election.

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