Good luck Theresa May. Here's your existential challenge

Good luck to Britain's new Prime Minister. Theresa May got her job on merit. No pseudo-feminism of the Left. Now she must govern on principle. Here are 2, key first steps to show she means business about Brexit. It's existential Theresa. Just do it

Britain's second woman PM, a Conservative of course
the commentator
On 13 July 2016 01:08

We congratulate Theresa May on becoming Prime Minister today. She is the second British woman prime minister. Both times from the Conservative Party. Politically correct Labour can, and should, hang its head in shame.

Conservatives are meritocratic. Labour is full of ideological nut jobs, as we see with the ongoing crisis surrounding Trotskyist Jeremy Corbyn.

That said, Ms. May must govern on principle. It is one thing to say, "Brexit means Brexit." It is another to put that into practice.

Here are 2 first steps -- and they are definitional of seriousness -- to prove her worth:

1) State, upon being named PM, as a guarantee to the British people that, within 1 year, Britain will no longer be a member of the European Union.

2) Define non-membership as follows: All British law will be under the sole authority of the Crown and the Supreme Court.

So, Ms. May. That shouldn't be difficult. If it is, expect a rough, and short, ride as PM.

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