We sceptics or wee sceptics?

Douglas Carswell MP highlights the clear distinction between committed eurosceptics who understand the threat posed by the EU, and those with a less pressing concern: wee sceptics

Sovereignty used to mean something
Douglas Carswell MP
On 15 November 2011 10:02

Wee Euro sceptics regard confirmation that we'll be "allowed" not to join the permanent Euro bailout mechanism as a triumph of British diplomacy. 

We Euro sceptics see confirmation that we'll not be permanently bailing out a currency we chose not to join as a statement of the bleedin' obvious.

Wee sceptics are so delighted with their non-triumph that they're willing to approve any EU treaty changes in return. We sceptics are a wee bit cannier, seeing treaty changes as a chance to try to actually get something Britain wants back.

Wee sceptics want to repatriate something, one day, somehow. Perhaps. Promise. We sceptics insist that without a return of power over financial regulation, employment rules and fisheries, Britain will not agree to any new treaty approval. If Germany and co insist on a new arrangement outside the EU, go do it - another step towards break up.

Wee sceptics think that Whitehall mandarins make good EU negotiators. We sceptics think that the Europhile Whitehall mandarins are part of the problem.

Wee sceptics think vague talk of reform can make the EU work - almost as if economic success comes from summits. We sceptics think that Euro sclerosis is a product of EU integration, and that we should now be looking to trade freely with the whole world for our future prosperity.

Wee sceptics promise a referendum "lock". But use word-play and Foreign Office legal advice to avoid having one. And then think they're being terribly clever. Ho ho.

We sceptics say it is time to trust the people with an EU referendum - with "out" as an option.

Douglas Carswell is the Conservative Member of Parliament for Clacton. His articles are cross-posted on The Commentator with permission. Follow him on Twitter @DouglasCarswell.

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