The IFS are completely wrong about Brexit

The Institute for Fiscal Studies suggests the British economy could lose tens of billions through quitting the EU. They are Remain through and through. It's all sour grapes, and they should look at the facts

Leaving them won't hit our growth
Sir John Redwood MP
On 11 August 2016 07:56

The Institute for Fiscal Studies, which has predicted that Britain could lose £70 billion by quitting the single market, clearly missed fhe referendum debates

Leave won, making it clear we wish to leave the EU and have no wish to go on paying contributions or accepting freedom of movement.

There is no evidence that joining the EEC or completing the single market boosted our growth, so it is difficult to believe we will lose growth when we leave.

The IFS agreed with Remain.

The official campaign made plenty of false claims and stupid forecasts about what would happen if we voted for Out.

Why don’t they accept they got it wrong and start looking at the facts for a change?

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