UKIP leadership contender Raheem Kassam is a criminal, and we can prove it

LATEST UPDATE: UKIP funders may not be fruitcakes, but they don't do their research on their leadership candidates. In a bizarre twist, named and shamed UKIP criminal Raheem Kassam has the support of funder Arron Banks. Meanwhile, with much more to come, Kassam's scoundrel-like behavioour is being revealed more widely. Furthermore, we reveal the extent of Kassam's criminal fraud -- £21K at minimum. He has also told a woman politician to tape her legs together

The face of a British crimninal
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On 11 October 2016 21:14

UPDATED: (See below article)

We have named and shamed UKIP leadership contender Raheem Kassam -- who appears to emulate Donald Trump  (Make UKIP Great Again etc) -- as a serious criminal for more than two years. We have never been sued for doing so.

The reason for this is that Kassam, well known as a scoundrel in the Westminster Village -- and associating there with like-minded scoundrels -- is well aware that accusations of fraud, theft, blackmail, extortion, and more, are substantially correct.

Should a case go before a judge in a civil suit, he would a) lose, and, b) be referred to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Police have been made aware of his crimes, but he has intimidated victims to the extent that no case has yet gone forward. He hides inside the cracks of a broken criminal justice system.

It is now a matter of urgent public interest that this criminal -- aiming to influence our legislative system -- be brought to justice.

UPDATE 1. We can reveal that when Kassam defrauded a company in 2013, the minimum extent of the fraud was £21,000.

UPDATE 2: There's far worse, and much more, to come but this is how Kassam talks to people.

UPDATE 3In an extraordinary turn of events, the Guardian reports that UKIP's most high profile funder Arron Banks is backing Raheem Kassam. This will certainly delight UKIP's political rivals since gaining such a position would ensure Kassam's prosecution, and UKIP's demise. He has only evaded justice so far due to police inaction. This inaction is purely a product of the unwillingness of police in the UK to prosecute financial crime, preferring that victims seek a civil remedy. It is a widespread problem which Kassam has used to his advantage. So far... His crimes are still well within the statutes of limitations, and a serious police unit would inevitably take over the investigation should Kassam win the leadership given the obvious public interest in doing so. In a certain sense, therefore, go Raheem, go!

UPDATE 4: Kassam has now been named and shamed in the national press for telling the (female) head of the Scottish National party to have her legs taped together so she can't reproduce, among other attacks on women...

p.s. One can see from some of the comments below that criminal activity is not an important issue for far too many UKIP supporters. This is tragic, because there are many good people in UKIP. But it does look like a party in a state of collapse...

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