Raheem Kassam quits UKIP race over sexist abuse and fraud allegations

UPDATED: Criminal Raheem Kassam, under public humiliation, pulls out of the race to be leader of UKIP following repeated allegations of being a ‘Tory plant’, committing fraud, and treating women as second class citizens. Kassam, hiding in shame, now demands more money and hopes to benefit from a Trump victory in the US elections, now that his UK privileges have expired

Controversial candidate: Raheem Kassam pulls out
the commentator
On 31 October 2016 10:53

UPDATED: Raheem Kassam has withdrawn in disgrace and humiliation from the UKIP leadership race following allegations of fraud, and sexist abuse against a rival female contender.

He was the bookies second favourite to win the contest, and now hopes to benefit from a victory of Donald Trump in the US elections. Trump is unlikely to be aware of Kassam's sordid past.

In a sign of his psychopathic tendencies (see below) he has (today by email) demanded more money from The Commentator in addition to fraud, extortion and blackmail money already procured, (amounting to £21,000 at minimum). The Commentator will send his email to the police.

Kassam, who was sacked from The Commentator for gross and extreme misconduct, faced questions in the media around his mistreatment of women. He has also been accused of criminal activity, accusations he has never dared to dispute in a court of law. 

Reporters obtained public tweets he made against Suzanne Evans, the respected author of the UKIP 2015 manifesto, in which he called her a, “wrinkly old ginger bird.”

The Mail on Sunday reported:

"This newspaper has obtained further evidence of Kassam’s abuse of Ms Evans, including a tweet that is too obscene to publish in a family newspaper in which he compares her to a ‘rotting corpse’.

"The Mail on Sunday can also disclose that when asked to describe his philosophy, he replied: ‘Get drunk, **** sluts.’"

The Mail added:

"Kassam, 30, who has defended Donald Trump over sexist comments, has repeatedly come under fire for tasteless remarks about women.

"He once called for SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon’s legs to be ‘taped together’ so she could not ‘reproduce’."

Kassam first entered UKIP after quitting the Conservative Party because of disagreements around his controversial views. He has been fired and faced disciplinary proceedings from previous employers and associates.

There were longstanding fears within UKIP that Kassam viewed women as second class citizens, but that didn’t stop Nigel Farage from endorsing him, in exchange for top spots on US TV channels and a keynote speech in the Trump campaign.

UKIP styles itself as an anti-establishment party that has no truck with sleaze. Yet, Kassam, widely known as a an unprincipled scoundrel even by Westminster Village standards, had flourished in UKIP.

Questions now arise as to who pushed him forward, who backed him, and who should also now be held to account following his definitive political demise.

Kassam has also been described as a "psychopath". Analysts friendly to The Commentator suggest that such a description may have merit.

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