INSTANT VIEW: UK High Court in direct attack on democracy over Brexit

UPDATED: We believe High Court should be held to account by Supreme Court for crony-style corruption. The High Court has launched a direct assault on the people of Britain by ruling that their Brexit referendum vote is invalid without Parliamentary approval. Will the people rise up against this legally nonsensical decision?

Who flies the flag for democracy?
the commentator
On 3 November 2016 10:52

UPDATED: The High Court has ruled that democracy must not be allowed to prevail without elite sanction. That is the only rational conclusion following Thursday's ruling that the June 23 Brexit vote has no meaning unless sanctioned by a vote in Parliament.

We do not accuse the High Court of having taken bribes. However, judges have friends/family/business partners, within the crony system. Within that crony system, support mechanisms are clear, and, in our opinion, corrupt.

The High Court, in our honest opinion, has attacked British democracy in a way that disgraces the British state, and the rule of law.

The Guardian, a news outlet which routinely mocks the people as bigots and xenophobes, reported, gleefully:

"Unless overturned on appeal at the Supreme Court, the ruling threatens to plunge the government’s plans for Brexit into disarray as the process will have to be subject to full parliamentary control."

The paper further reported:

"The lord chief justice said that, 'the most fundamental rule of the UK constitution is that parliament is sovereign”'.

This is nonsensical. The referendum was approved by Parliament.

While The Commentator is shocked and appalled by the rise of populists and demagogues it is no wonder that our democracies are in crisis.

This ruling is a direct attack on the people of Britain, and their democracy.

If this disgraceful (and legally idiotic) decision is upheld, civil disobedience should not be ruled out as a possible outcome.

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