Good riddance, Mr. Obama

This American writer didn't vote for either Trump or Clinton. But, after eight long, rudderless years, the narcissist Obama is thankfully, finally, on his way out. Let's hope Trump can confound the critics and do a better job

Pointing the way out
Taylor Dibbert
On 10 November 2016 09:18

Donald Trump has won the White House. The Trumpian movement has hit Washington insiders like a hurricane. This has been such a depressing year and who knows how Mr. Trump will govern.

Let’s try to look on the bright side for a moment: President Obama will be gone soon.

That’s right. After eight long years, Mr. Obama is finally leaving. Why has Mr. Obama been such a failure? Was it his arrogance or his professorial demeanor? Was it his misguided worldview? His hopeless  naiveté?

What about his reluctance to assert American power abroad? Maybe it was his unwillingness to work with Congress or to try to build meaningful relationships on Capitol Hill. Perhaps it was a combination of all the previously mentioned issues.

Mr. Obama came into office with tremendous expectations and he seems to have disappointed just about everybody except the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

A deeply committed narcissist, we can only assume that Mr. Obama’s memoirs will be a long, tedious affair. I’m thinking there will be at least four volumes.

Mr. Trump will face a multitude of challenges both at home and abroad. He must at least try to heal a divided nation. In the spirit of full disclosure, I didn’t vote for Mr. Trump or Ms. Clinton.

And, frankly, I’m not excited about a Trump presidency.

However, he has rightfully earned a chance to lead the nation. I hope Mr. Trump does well because I love my country, and because a rudderless America means we’re all less safe.

Taylor Dibbert is a writer based in Washington, D.C. and a contributing editor at “The Diplomat Magazine”. He is the author of “Fiesta of Sunset: The Peace Corps, Guatemala and a Search for Truth”. The views expressed here are his own. Follow him on Twitter @taylordibbert

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