Blocking Brexit will create the real hostility

It is the embittered and failed Remain camp that is stoking anger and division in Britain over Brexit. They need to relearn the democratic game and respect the people. If they don't, the wounds will widen and the anger will be visited upon them

Brexit means Brexit
Jayne Adye
On 14 November 2016 17:29

The EU Referendum put immigration back on the agenda, reminding us of its impact on communities and public services.

Though many Eurosceptics are branded ‘racist’, they are merely putting their communities first. If there is conflict, it exists in the communities struggling the most.

It’s unsurprising the English Defence League was founded in Luton, which is experiencing extreme demographic changes. With uncontrolled immigration, neighbours can start to feel like strangers.

The ‘Remoaners’ live in complete denial of this, suggesting Brexit is increasing hate crime and hostility. They continue to brand Eurosceptics ‘racist’, and inflate crime statistics to support their arguments. As always, they are living in a fictional Britain.

The real Britain (which is overwhelmingly anti-racist) is accepting that ‘Brexit means Brexit’. Though many were bitter about the result, they can see it was a clear mandate from the people.

This of course came before the High Court ruling on November 3rd. It was a shock to many, feeling like an affront to British democracy. The case will now be taken to the Supreme Court on December 5th, which may delay the triggering of Article 50 and the start of the Brexit process.

To prevent such a delay, a group of Conservative Eurosceptic MPs are planning to force a Commons vote before December 5th in the hope of avoiding the need for the case.

It’s no surprise Gina Miller fought to delay the triggering of Article 50. She was a staunch Remainer before the Referendum, and a wealthy member of the liberal elite.

Miller claims it was all about democracy. Why then, does she have such a problem with referenda, the democratic way of voting on a single issue? As we expect, it’s more about politics and self-interest than about democracy.

We continue to hear the same condescending rhetoric we heard before the Referendum. Remainers think they know best, and they will go to any lengths to defy the will of the British people.

Then there’s the issue of Remoaner MPs, who plan to vote against the triggering of Article 50 in Parliament. This vocal minority -- mainly Liberal Democrats, the SNP and some Labour MPs -- refuse to move on. Luckily, the vast majority of MPs will side with the British people who voted for them in the first place.

There’s some irony in what we now hear from Remoaners. ‘Project Fear’ claimed Leave was the uncertain option, and Remain was the safer, peaceful option.

Now they are the ones creating uncertainty. They write hysterical stories of hate crime and hostility in the streets. In doing this, they create real and painful division.

If they want wounds to heal, and if they want peace, they need to accept Brexit means Brexit. If they don’t move on, people will have a right to be angry. And if there is hostility, it’s clear who should take responsibility for it.

They say all is fair in love and referenda, but only if results are respected. If the Great British Public feel their vote is undermined and their concerns ignored, this will create a whole new level of anger.

Strong and effective leadership is needed now more than ever.

Theresa May must pacify the bitter Remoaners and get us back on track to Brexit. Soon the British people will feel they are taking back control over their borders, their laws and their money.

And now, we must keep fighting to Get Britain Out of the European Union.

Jayne Adye is the Director of cross-party, grassroots Eurosceptic group Get Britain Out

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