Senator John McCain says UK could get free trade deal with US before EU does, in boost to Brexit

In a major boost to Brexit, Senator John McCain has said the United States could well sign a free trade deal with Britain before it signs one with the European Union in comments that will come as a blow to opponents of the UK decision to quit the EU

by the commentator on 19 November 2016 21:59


Republican Senator John McCain, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and one of the most influential politicians in the United States, said on Saturday America could well sign a free trade deal with Britain before it signs one with the EU.

Since Republicans now control the presidency (at least after January 20) and both houses of Congress, McCain's words will cheer supporters of Brexit after President Obama had famously warned Britons prior to the June 23 referendum that the UK would go to the "back of the queue" in terms of trade deals should Brexit become a reality.

President-elect Trump had said he thought Brexit was the right decision for Britain, and has many connections with the UK.

Specifically asked whether Britain could forge a free trade deal with the US faster than the EU does, McCain said, "Yes", adding, by way of explanation, that Britain was one of America's most long-standing and reliable allies.

Senator McCain was sitting next to Republican Senator John Barrasso -- Chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee -- who questioned the very future of the EU.

Both senators' remarks were made at North America's leading defence and foreign affairs conference -- The Halifax International Security Forum, on whose website footage of the interview with McCain and Barrasso can be found.

Reporting by Commentator staff at the conference

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