The next steps for a successful Donald Trump

Those who would like for the bedrock of the Republican Party to be built upon white nationalism and identity politics are morally and politically misguided. Donald Trump needs to build a broad coalition, unite the nation, and sideline the dangerous mavericks. If he does that, we should wish him success

How's he going to play it now?
Taylor Dibbert
On 23 November 2016 16:39

America’s 2016 Election Day is behind us, thank God. After a painful cycle, the Republican Party finds itself in a very good spot. Donald Trump won and Republicans held on to both houses of Congress.

While many Republicans have already broken out the champagne, Mr. Trump’s presidential victory -- a big deal to be sure -- isn’t an overwhelming mandate and shouldn’t be interpreted as one.

In the coming weeks, Mr. Trump could move decisively in a couple key areas. First, he could consistently speak directly to Americans from all walks of life. He could try to reassure those who did not vote for him that he truly does want to be a “president for all Americans.”

Second, he could begin to build a diverse administration.

Those who would like for the bedrock of the GOP to be built upon white nationalism and identity politics are misguided. This sort of ideology isn’t just morally wrong; in the long run, it’s likely the gateway to the GOP’s political marginalization.

Besides, let’s not forget how flawed Hillary Clinton’s candidacy was. 

Ms. Clinton has never been a natural politician. She’s always had trouble on the campaign trail. She’s a remarkably boring public speaker. She’s incredibly inauthentic.

More importantly, she reeks of entitlement and has been swimming in scandal for several decades. Furthermore, she was part of Barack Obama’s failed presidency. In short, she’s precisely the type of candidate that voters wanted to reject this cycle.

On the positive side, let’s also keep in mind that another Clinton presidency would have almost certainly been plagued by rampant corruption, a disregard for the rule of law and the perpetuation of many of Mr. Obama’s disastrous policies.

America’s president-elect will have an opportunity to collaborate with a Republican-led Congress, to try to heal a deeply divided nation and to implement a meaningful reform agenda which addresses some of the underlying grievances which propelled him to victory.

We should be hoping for his success.

Taylor Dibbert is a writer based in Washington, D.C.

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