Castro: Hero of the morally depraved

A great tyrant is dead. But Fidel Castro's passing is mourned by pitiless pseudo-intellectuals of the Left who have no shame, and spit on the graves of the victims of a man who slaughtered far more than Pinochet

Castro: the man who killed so many
the commentator
On 26 November 2016 15:39

Loudly in Miami, more quietly in Havana, millions celebrate the passing of a great tyrant. Across the capitals of the West, the mood is more ambiguous.

For many on the Left, Castro, who murdered more political opponents than General Pinochet by a factor of at least 5, was a hero and an idol.

Harriet Harman, former deputy leader of the British Labour Party, said us much in a slippery little remark in 2008. Castro, she said, was a, "hero of the Left", though she did try to soften the blow by adding that it was time for, "Cuba to move on".

The lunatic Trotskyist who currently heads the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has predictably come out gushing with praise today, describing Castro as, "a champion of social justice," while being careful to note that he did have the odd "flaw" or two.

Yes, indeed, those "flaws", such as executing at least 17,000 people (see the Black Book of Communism), jailing and torturing hundreds of thousands, and forcing millions into exile.

Or his association with vicious racist Che Guevara, another hero of the Left, who, amongst other depravities, had a penchant for watching children being murdered.

But Corbyn and Harman speak for a vast legion among the European (and to some extent American) middle class "intellectual" Left (-- a very different animal from the honourable working class grass roots movements that sought to improve the lot of the working man and woman).

French President Hollande and Barack Obama have been playing the same game, offering respect to a tyrant who deserves none.

The history of communism is well documented, as this article detailing its horrendous death toll makes clear. Yet these people know no shame.

This is a day for decent people to remember Castro's victims. Let those who still praise him wallow in the sewer on their own.

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