Project Fear: Britain’s Economic Chuckle Brothers

Philip Hammond and Mark Carney are Britain's anti-Brexit Chuckle Brothers. These hardline Remoaners got everything wrong, and now they're trying to sabotage our withdrawal. We musn't let them get away with it

Chuckle brothers Carney and Hammond
Jayne Adye
On 14 December 2016 09:23

‘Project Fear’ is back. The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, and his ‘sidekick’ fellow Remainer, the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, seem to be fiddling the figures as a justification to try and stop Brexit.

If they think Brexit is such a bad thing for our economy, they ought to pack their bags and go home.

Brexit is a huge new opportunity for the United Kingdom. It will not fix anything per se, but will give us the tools to grow our own economy. The UK can be a truly global nation outside the EU, by breaking free from the EU’s shackles, and allowing this great nation of ours to trade freely with the world.

Philip Hammond is now arguing for a 4-year ‘transitional’ deal. He envisages a situation in which the UK continues to pay for access to the Single Market for about 2 years after we leave the EU. He still seems to be wearing his ‘Remain’ hat, and is attempting to kick the can down road, to deal with Brexit at some later date.

During the Referendum campaign, Hammond and the supposedly ‘independent’ Carney, were fanatical ‘Project Fear’ Remainers. Together, they hold the keys to Britain’s finances and yet they are opposed to the voters’ thoughtful and declared wishes during the EU Referendum on June 23rd.

They were clearly hoping and praying for economic disaster in order for them each to declare “I was right all along”, because their reputations and future careers are more important than the United Kingdom.

Before the Referendum campaign had even started, Carney glorified the EU for having ‘increased the openness of the UK economy’ and for ‘facilitating dynamism’.

And during the months before the vote itself, Carney threatened we would have a ‘technical recession’ in the wake of a ‘Leave’ vote, insisting Brexit would ‘be likely to have a negative impact in the short term’ on growth and inflation.

When he was criticised for these interventions -- which were lapped up by the ‘Remain’ campaign -- Carney had the gall to blast his detractors for ‘a fundamental misunderstanding of Central Bank independence.’ He then, ironically, claimed ‘the British people expect us to come straight with them’.

The only ‘negative’ economic news is the decrease in the value of the pound, which is actually mostly a correction in what had been an overvalued pound, and which is celebrated as good news for British exporters.

However, Carney exaggerated the pound’s decline, with a post-Referendum money printing scheme, designed to stave off a ‘technical recession’ which never happened. He also seriously continued to give no thought to Britain’s savers, who have been hurt for far too long.

More outrageously, Carney has also had the temerity to claim he has single-handedly saved the economy from a Brexit-induced recession with his loose monetary policy.

Despite being proved wrong, Hammond and Carney still haven’t given up their games.

Hopeless Hammond recently based his insidious Autumn Statement on laughable predictions -- which are about as believable as Carney’s pre-Referendum prophecies. The Remoaners have "forecasts", but we at Get Britain Out have facts.

Since June 23rd, contrary to ‘Project Fear’, the immediate recession did not occur. Employment is up. Unemployment is at an 11-year low. GDP is up. And inflation is stable.

‘Independent’ Carney is still at it too. He has described Britain as enduring its “first lost decade since the 1860s” and also wants to manipulate us into a transitional deal with the EU. Another attempt to stop Brexit.

The Governor of the Bank of England is also clearly beginning to irritate Number 10, as he’s attempting to undermine the UK’s negotiating position by asking for the Governments’ strategy to be revealed in advance.

We just have to hope none of this damaging behaviour by Hammond and Carney has any impact on our Prime Minister -- despite the positions these two individuals hold.

It’s time for the UK’s economic Chuckle Brothers to put up or shut up. Either accept the result of the EU Referendum or resign. It’s as simple as that. No second referendum, no transitional deal and no to membership of the Single Market.

Otherwise, what happens when more than 17 million people get the feeling they’ve been cheated?

Jayne Adye is the Director of cross party campaign group Get Britain Out

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