We voted for Brexit to regain control. It's that simple

Remainers just don't have a leg to stand on regarding the legitimacy of the Brexit referendum. Their increasingly pathetic whining shows that in reality they just aren't committed to respecting the democratic will of the people, however much they protest to the contrary. Let's just get out of the EU and have done with it

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Matthew Ellery
On 18 January 2017 06:27

Since the EU Referendum, a great myth has developed. ‘Remain’ campaigners constantly claim the only reason the UK voted to ‘Leave’ the EU is because “Leave voters are stupid, and were duped by lies”. Not only is this totally false, but proves we were right to vote for Brexit on June 23rd, as these individuals treat us with unfettered contempt.

The EU Referendum was unquestionably fought on ‘control’. Control over our laws, control over our borders and control over our money. You only need to watch the Wembley Referendum debate again to realise this, almost every other sentence included the word ‘control’.

Add to this the never ending false anger relating to the Vote Leave campaign battle bus. It’s as if the use of an entirely legitimate figure stating how much we pay into the EU is the most disgraceful act in the post war era, simply because it was added to the side of a bus. The UK’s gross contribution to the EU is £20 billion a year. If you have an issue with this amount take it up with the Office for National Statistics. And the ‘Remain’ campaign made such a meal over the issue that people can hardly pretend the statistic was uncontroversial at the time.

The result of the EU Referendum was the largest mandate in UK history, with more people voting ‘Leave’ than have ever voted for any political party in any UK General Election, with 51.89% voting for Brexit.

Some particularly snooty Europhiles tell us – with a great deal of pomposity – ‘Leave’ voters didn’t understand the intricacies of the EU. It wasn’t a lack of understanding by the voters, it was simply a belief in the irrelevance of EU minutiae.

Britons believe their laws being created by accountable representatives is more important than the vagaries of the special legislative procedure.

Over recent months Remainers have morphed into the strongest advocates of European Economic Area (EEA) membership, despite deriding it throughout the Referendum campaign.

Now they claim we voted to leave the EU, but not to leave the EEA. In reality, most voters don’t care about remaining a ‘member’ of the Single Market. Most people don’t even know what it is – on both sides of the debate – including politicians. We want trade to continue, and this can be achieved through ‘access’, not ‘membership’, of the Single Market.

Leaving the Single Market means domestic companies will not have to comply with unnecessary EU regulations when selling products at home. These businesses will only have to comply with the regulations when selling into the EU’s market.

We must remember the vast majority of British businesses don’t even export abroad, but all UK businesses are subject to the EU’s rules and directives.

We also have some politicians refusing to implement Article 50, showing true contempt for those who voted them in, yet they have the gall to claim they are doing it for the benefit of their constituents.

The vast majority of electors usually vote on the basis of tribal party politics and personalities, paying no attention to political party manifestos. And yet, these third-rate politicians believe an election gives them greater legitimacy than a clear referendum on a specific policy.

It is time we Get Britain Out of the EU, regain control and throw this contemptuous attitude in the dustbin where it belongs.

Matthew Ellery is a Research Executive at Get Britain Out

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