Totalitarians like Corbyn don't care about Labour

Jeremy Corbyn isn't a fool. He's looking at the same evidence the rest of us are. After Copeland and amid all the opinion polls he knows Labour will be slaughtered at the general election. But as a totalitarian he doesn't care, and that's why he won't resign

Jeremy Corbyn
the commentator
On 24 February 2017 10:39

Labour's disastrous defeat in the Copeland by-election, handing over to the Conservatives a seat the party has held for 80 years, is just the latest piece of evidence that Jeremy Corbyn is going to lead his party to electoral oblivion at the next general election.

Most opinion polls put the Conservatives on or about 40 percent with Labour in a range of about 25-28 percent. Labour is going to get slaughtered at the general election in 2020, and everyone can see it including Jeremy Corbyn.

Of course he can. The man's not a fool. He's looking at the same evidence the rest of us are. The difference is that the fortunes of Labour are not his top priority.

One needs to understand the ideological background. Corbyn is a Trotskyist, a totalitarian for whom the differences between a centre-Left Labour Party and a centre-Right Conservative Party are non-existent.

Both, in Corbyn's terms, are bourgeois parties representing the interests of the capitalist class. Indeed, it would be better to have the Conservatives in power lest anyone thought that a Labour Party which is betraying the interests of the working class actually meant something.

Corbyn would rather lead a Labour Party that gets trounced at elections but at least has some claim to be part of the Marxist tradition, than see it win in the form it has been since New Labour won power in 1997.

The Conservatives are laughing all the way to the bank.

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