Spain mulls drones to police porous North African exclave borders

Spain considers using unmanned drones with heat seeking cameras to police its increasingly porous borders with exclaves in Morocco amid competing pressures from rights groups and the EU

by the commentator on 25 February 2017 19:44


Spain is considering using unmanned drones to police porous borders in its North African exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, the country's ABC news outlet has reported, after hundreds of migrants broke through perimeter fencing on Monday.

The Spanish Interior Ministry said it was deeply concerned about security on the Moroccan borders and that drones with heat seeking cameras could help in solving the problem.

On Monday, the border at Cueta was stormed by 350 migrants who were undeterred by double fencing six metres high with razor wire on top.

Spain is caught between criticism from rights groups who say its treatment of illegal migrants is inhumane and the European Union which is under heavy public pressure to ensure that the external borders of the 28 member bloc are secure.

The Spanish Interior Ministry has no plans to use armed drones, saying any enhancement of its border security would be solely for the purpose of enforcing Spanish and European law.

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