Scrap the House of Lords regardless of Brexit vote

UPDATE: As we have seen this week, unelected, impudent cronies continue to try to thwart democracy. The House of Lords is an open sewer of corruption at the heart of Britain's national public life. Now these scoundrels want to overturn the popular will as expressed in the Brexit vote. Regardless of the way it goes on Brexit, the Lords should be scrapped without delay

by Liberty Rules on 26 February 2017 16:16

One thing that some in the Brexit camp never really got to grips with is that even though all the main criticisms of the European Union are right, that doesn't mean that, by default, the Westminster system of government is without fundamental flaws.

Enter (or, I hope, Exit) The House of Lords, an open sewer of corruption right at the heart of Britain's national system of government.

The Lords are in the limelight because they might throw a spanner in the works of Theresa May's Brexit plans.

In a perverse sense, I hope they are foolish enough to do so, as this would radicalise a wide ranging section of the population against the Upper House's existence in its current form.

Frankly, the Lords is a disgrace, for which there is no credible defence. Apart from the hangers on to inherited noble privilege -- amazingly some people still get in because of the family they were born into -- the system is a swamp of cronyism.

People are made Lords as a reward for brown nosing their entire lives. Some, of course, buy their way in via donations to the main political parties.

Not everyone in the Lords is a leach on our society. There are a few good, honourable and decent people among them. But even they have to answer the question of why they do not protest on a daily basis from the inside about this wholly corrupt system.

The Lords should be scrapped without delay, regardless of the Brexit vote.

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