Conservatives unveil brutal election poster targeting Jeremy Corbyn

The General Election officially kicks off with the Tories launching an aggressive poster campaign designed to crush Labour in the eyes of voters on defence and the economy

by Steven George-Hilley on 3 May 2017 15:03


The Conservative Party has launched its first General Election poster as part of a targeted advertising campaign designed to shatter confidence in Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The poster includes a black and white image of Corbyn in front of a bomb with the words "more debt, higher taxes", painted on it.

The campaign is reminiscent of 1992’s Tory ad offensive called ‘Labour’s tax bombshell’ which used similar messaging and imagery. 

Launching the poster, Chancellor Philip Hammond took aim at Corbyn saying, "His economic policies are a recipe for chaos, instability, uncertainty and insecurity. Britain simply cannot take the risk of Jeremy Corbyn ... unleashing economic chaos on the country." 

Responding to the launch, John McDonnell, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor told BBC Radio "It is shoddy that the Tories have produced it."

McDonnel has previously caused outrage by praising terrorist atrocities, saying that the IRA’s campaign of 'ballot, the bomb and the bullet' would unite Ireland.

Corbyn has previously described the assassination of Osama Bin Laden by US troops as a ‘a tragedy’.


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