Dolly Theis selected as Conservative candidate for Vauxhall

Vauxhall Conservatives have selected local resident Dolly Theis as their prospective Parliamentary candidate for the Vauxhall Constituency as Theresa May goes into battle against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

by Steven George-Hilley on 8 May 2017 20:01


Vauxhall Conservatives have selected local resident Dolly Theis as their candidate for the General Election on June 8th 2017. Theis is known as a strong advocate of on social justice, co-founding the Cube Movement, the first social network against modern-day slavery and remains a Company Director for the campaign’s parent charity, the Red Light Campaign.

She is also an Ambassador of Forward Assist, a North East charity supporting military veterans experiencing mental health, employment and family difficulties and helping them with the transition back to civilian life.

Dolly has a strong background in outreach and advocacy for a number of community and equality campaigns, including ‘Landshare’, a campaign that sought to equip people to grow their own food and encouraging councils to provide sufficient land in London for community growing spaces, Women2Win, #AskHerToStand, and LGBTQ rights. She currently works for the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), leading policy work on childhood obesity and grassroots sport for social transformation.

A Lifelong QPR fan, AirFix modeller and Imperial War Museum fan, she also runs a Charity Shopping Club, encouraging people to shop in charity shops and help reduce lifestyle waste.

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