Election campaign must go on after London attacks

We give in to the terrorists if we let them influence our daily lives. General election campaigning in Britain must go on, especially since the Labour leader still has much to answer for over his past relationship with terror groups. This isn't an awkward time to raise that subject, it's the most important time to raise it

A victim of terror in the London attack
the commentator
On 4 June 2017 05:57

Another night of Islamist terror in Britain. At the time of writing, seven people are dead and many more are injured. The attack comes just days after the May 22 attack in Manchester which left 23 dead and 116 injured.

This is a personal tragedy for the victims and their families, but it is also an attack on British democracy.

Recognition of the former means that we should pause, reflect, and offer our condolences to the bereaved. Recognition of the latter means that, with a general election just days away, we must seize the spirit of Margaret Thatcher after the Brighton bombing of 1984 and declare business as usual.

We cannot allow terrorists to dictate the pace of national public life, or the workings of democracy in particular. We understand why there was a pause in election campaigning after the Manchester attack, but we believe it was a grave mistake.

It sent out the message that terrorism can achieve something significant, when the message we should be sending is that our spirit as a people is so strong that it does not budge us one inch. We can, and should, grieve privately, while publicly showing iron resolve.

More particularly, this general election is being fought out by parties and candidates with very different attitudes to terrorism. Many of these differences are quite legitimate. Others are deeply concerning.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been a friend in the past to Islamist terror groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah, which have consistently perpetrated terror attacks like the ones that recently hit the UK.

Corbyn needs to answer for this, and the British people need to be made fully aware of it.

This is not an awkward time to discuss Corbyn's attitude to terrorism, it is the most relevant time imaginable to discuss Corbyn's attitude to terrorism. Our future security depends on it.

We do nothing to honour the victims of terrorism by giving in to the terrorists' wishes. The election must go on, and so should the election campaign.

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