Politically correct Britain: Hysteria over DUP gay marriage stance but free pass for Corbyn who befriended Islamist gay killers

The BBC and Sky NEWS are all over the Tories for a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party which opposes gay marriage. Corbyn gets a free pass having befriended Islamist terror groups which murder gays as heretics. Welcome to the insanity of politically correct Britain

by Westminster shrink on 11 June 2017 04:35

Here are two people that are making headlines in contemporary Britain offering an imaginary statement about their views on some important issues.

Person 1: I oppose anti-Semitism and never allow it to pass without rebuttal. I backed the warts-and-all West in preference to Soviet totalitarianism during the Cold War. I opposed the genocide of Slobodan Milosevic during the Balkan wars of the 1990s. I have never associated with Islamist terrorists. I oppose gay marriage, but I would never call any person or group that routinely murdered gay people my friend.

Person 2. I say that I oppose anti-Semitism but I keep in my company people who throw Adolf Hitler's name at Jews in order to abuse them. I have also had a very jolly relationship with groups which celebrate the notorious anti-Semitic forgery, the Protocols of Zion. I opposed the West during the Cold War. I denied the genocidal crimes of Slobodan Milosevic during the Balkan Wars. Some of my most famous associates have been terrorists. I support gay marriage, but I have called Islamist groups that routinely murder gay people my friends.

One of these two people is acceptable in modern British politics. One of them is not. And only one of the issues related above appears to matter in modern British politics, and it is not the murder of gay people.

Person 1 is a fairly precise representation of Arlene Foster, leader of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). Person 2, of course is a fairly precise representation of Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party.

It is Corbyn's views that are acceptable and Foster's views that are not.

Personally, I support gay marriage and therefore oppose the DUP's position on it. In that respect, I'm very much like Theresa May who has just struck up a political deal with the DUP to allow a minority Tory government to take us through the Brexit negotiations.

Even though the DUP's position on gay marriage will have zero effect on government policy, the mere fact of a deal with a party that opposes gay marriage has been enough to provoke shrieks of outrage in the mainstream media. BBC and Sky presenters have been nothing less than apoplectic.

Sky's Kay Burley the other day looked as though she was going to have a nervous breakdown about the whole affair, and she is hardly the most politically correct personality in the British media. She just associates with politically correct dim wits on a daily basis.

And that is the problem. Once totalitarian ideologies like political correctness become entrenched and institutionalised it becomes difficult to think straight.

After you have bought into this for long enough, people like Jeremy Corbyn who have befriended groups -- such as Hamas and Hezbollah -- that hang and shoot gay people become entirely palatable, while people who do not support the persecution of gays but think that formal marriage between same sex couple is wrong are beyond the pale.

Welcome to modern Britain. It's your country, so if you don't like the way it is going, now would be a good time to say so.

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