May govt should do one thing, and do it well: Brexit

Amid all the other business of government, there is one overriding priority for Theresa May: get Britain out of the EU and the Single Market as efficiently and as quickly as possible. History, and the British people, will thank May for performing this one single task, and then stepping aside for someone else

Just get Brexit done
the commentator
On 14 June 2017 09:53

With former prime ministers stepping all over the turf, and mainstream media barely concealing its ambition to discredit the new DUP-supported, Tory-led government from the get-go, there is one way that Theresa May could clear the air, give herself some much needed legitimacy, and silence the critics.

She should take full account of the two most recent national ballots in British politics and declare that her government has one, single, overrriding aim: to secure the wishes of the British people as expressed in last year's Brexit referendum, and to follow the lead set by the electorate in giving parties which have pledged to leave the European Union and the Single Market over 80 percent of the vote at the June 8 general election.

Beyond the basic functions of government, she should aim to do little else. The Queen's Speech should be as thin as possible. Free votes on all sorts of issues should be allowed. The government should reserve all its energy for Brexit.

Then, when the Brexit deal is finally done, Mrs. May should step aside, and allow a new Conservative leader to take the country to a new general election.

Everyone would get the point. Mrs. May would emerge as an honourable leader who understands that she only barely has a mandate to govern, but very strongly has a mandate to deliver on the one issue the public has been clear about.

If she made an announcement to that effect this week, she would be doing herself, her party, and, above all, the country a favour for which she would be widely applauded.

So, Prime Minister: Bring it on!

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