INSTANT VIEW: May stuns critics with Queen's speech

The Queen's Speech was a brilliant illustration of how less can be more. Theresa May has shown that modern Britain has one and only one top priority: deliver on Brexit and, thus, back the will of the people. Opponents of this government's core agenda must now accept that they oppose democracy itself

A few words of magic with the Queen?
the commentator
On 21 June 2017 10:28

You could argue that expectations were so low that anything would have looked good. But, in reality, a Queen's Speech today that struck the wrong note could have finished Theresa May.

This was a brilliant piece of politics, and it was good enough to see Britain through to the most important moment in its recent political history.

Sometimes, less is more. And, less narrow, party politics was what Britain needed from the Queen's Speech today.

It was all about Brexit, and that is exactly what it needed to be.

Theresa May is here to do one thing: to respect the wishes of the British people by securing our exit from the European Union and its sinking ship of a Single Market. The speech that she wrote for the Queen today makes it clear that she has understood her place in history.

The business of government continues. But the priority is to create the basis for a new Britain without the EU as an albatross around our necks.

It is no coincidence that Her Majesty's very first words were to assure Britain that we must "make a success of Brexit".

Neither is it a coincidence that the rest of the speech was thin on content. So it should have been.

The mainstream media will be confused and confounded by this Queen's Speech.

That is their problem. The Queen, on behalf of her government, has set the stage for the next two years.

Those who would attempt to stop the democratic will of the British people have been left with very little to hide behind, precisely because this speech was so focused.

Theresa May has just given herself a lifeline. Democratic Britons will support her all the way.

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