Anti-Brexit Blair's scorn for the British people

Tony Blair is a Remoaner on speed. He dismisses the referendum almost completely. In his anti-Brexit fantasy world, he is pushing immigration policies that Brussels has already rejected, and he has no idea why Britons want to leave. Just butt out Tony. Your daft ideas aren't welcome

All about him, again....
Sir John Redwood MP
On 10 September 2017 12:01

Tony Blair’s fantasy re-negotiation of the UK’s deal with the EU ignores former Prime Minister David Cameron’s long attempt to negotiate just such a change to the EU benefits and migration policies without any success.

He ignores the fact that there is no machinery or legal basis for any such attempted future renegotiation.

He of course dismisses the referendum, which he does seem to be aware of.

He does not seem to have grasped that when we voted to leave we voted to take back control of all matters, not just EU migration. Did he not hear any of the debates about wanting to spend our own money, which I see he just ignores.

Did he grasp that we want to pass our own laws?

It is most disappointing that a man who gained the top political office by democratic means now has such a scorn for the wishes of the people who used to sustain him.

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