Ci’s Rachel Neaman launches Observatory for a Connected Society app

Rachel Neaman, CEO of the Corsham Institute (CI) has officially launched a new app designed to help create a more connected, fair and inclusive society. App will help tackle tech change, trust, digital skills, inequalities and is launched in partnership with RAND Europe

by the commentator on 12 October 2017 10:05


Tech entrepreneur Rachel Neaman, CEO of the Corsham Institute (Ci) has launched the first ever ‘connected society’ app in the House of Lords this morning in partnership with research house RAND Europe. 

The Observatory for a Connected Society app – the first of its kind – brings together all the latest research, analysis and expert comment on a connected society in one place. It is designed to give policymakers and innovators expert insights, analysis and breaking news on the impact of technology on society. 

It has been developed in partnership with RAND Europe with the support of Disciple Media and brings together curated research, analysis and thinking from leading experts on the impact of digital technologies, services and tools on society.

In addition to the launch of the new app, Ci also launched its new report called 'Building our Connected Society’.

Speaking to The Commentator, Rachel Neaman, CEO of Ci said, “Ci is working for a fair, inclusive, prosperous and creative society, built on trust and security. We are uniquely placed through our expert research, partnerships and community-based projects to work with all sectors to ensure that the impact of technology is felt equally across society.”

Neaman continuted, “The Observatory for a Connected Society is an exciting opportunity to give all those with an interest in the future of our connected society access to the latest and best thinking in one place, to inform their activities. The app and online resource combine information and data with analysis from a range of leading voices across government, academia, the not-for-profit sector and industry. I am confident that the Observatory for a Connected Society will become the leading authority on research, news and insight related to a connected society.”

The launch was also backed by UK digital minister Matt Hancock who said, “From Cyber security and e-commerce, to Fintech and Artificial Intelligence – the UK’s world leading digital economy is one of our great success stories. In order to sustain it, we must ensure all our sectors have the skills and knowledge they need to make the most of digital technology.”

“I welcome this initiative from the Corsham Institute and RAND Europe, and their commitment to helping all sectors navigate their way through the challenges ahead.”

Hans Pung, President of RAND Europe added, “The Observatory for a Connected Society aims to help policymakers stay ahead of the game through rapidly providing the very best research and expertise on the connected society. It will highlight the future opportunities and threats from digital technologies, and the potential impact on society. We look forward to laying the intellectual foundations for the Observatory for a Connected Society, which will be the ‘one-stop shop’ for research, insight and analysis on all things digital.”

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