EU propaganda and a frightening roadmap to federalism

The EU has produced a frightening new report arguing for vastly greater centralisation, deeper federalism, and yet further emasculation of the democratic nation state. These people are dangerous and delusional. Brexit cannot happen fast enough

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Daniel Huggins
On 2 December 2017 10:07

In a shocking new report -- the latest in a series to come out of Brussels -- the EU’s technocrats set out in detail an alarming set of plans that are now under serious consideration.

The plans outlined in the report, innocuously titled ‘Reaching Out to EU Citizens: A New Opportunity’, detail an Orwellian-scaled propaganda project and a roadmap towards a fully federalised European Union.

The dossier, written by Luc Van den Brande -- Special Adviser to the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker -- aims to provide solutions to safeguard their fading federalist fantasies.

The report recognises that “winning the hearts and minds” of the European population is fundamental. It comes in the wake of disastrous election results for the cause of ‘ever closer Union’ which should leave the Eurocrats quaking. Eurosceptic parties made gains throughout the EU.

The apathy millions of ‘European citizens’ feel towards the EU is finally permeating into the minds of Jean-Claude Juncker and his cabal of fervent federalists. With elections to the European Parliament scheduled to be held in 2019, the report recognises the need to act now, and outlines a series of solutions.

In an attempt to reverse the seemingly ever growing Eurosceptic and Euro-critical trend, the report argues “the role of education is therefore fundamental”, and it is “necessary to mobilise these young adults in support of the European process”. Identifying the older generation’s natural inclination towards the nation state as an obstacle, the report takes a longer-term view, and calls for a radical new approach, aimed at the young.

The most shocking feature of the report hints that children as young as four should undergo a centrally planned ‘European’ education. It advises that children and adolescents should be continually taught this programme throughout their entire time within the education system.

No one with any concept of history should need reminding which of Europe’s past regimes have attempted such policies. Insidious developments such as this must be vocally combated, and rejected out of hand.

The report goes on to outline what this ‘European Studies’ programme would entail. Designed not only to emphasize the benefits of the EU (which is, of course, a prerequisite), it also plans to lecture on the cost and horror a “disunited Europe” would cause. A key facet of the intended course of study is the EU’s alleged role in keeping Europe politically stable since the war, happily omitting the considerably more significant role played by NATO and the United States.

In collaboration with this so-called ‘educational’ propaganda, the report states that the use of celebrities to boost their popularity should also be considered. To be designated as “Union Ambassadors”, the EU no doubt wishes to utilise the credibility of celebrities – and the near divine status they are held in by many -- to boost its bruised reputation.

It then goes on, in a move many critics have branded as ‘concerning’, to advocate for a “training programme” to educate journalists. Reminiscent of an initiative more suited to the Ministry of Truth, this follows a series of other accusations that Brussels is creating a ‘propaganda machine’ in an attempt to circumvent its existential crisis.

Astonishingly, the report also advocates for the creation of a single EU President. Calling for the “direct election of a single President of the European Union”, a single figurehead no doubt intended to be Jean-Claude Juncker, if created it would be a bold step on the road to federalism. The report will no doubt raise further fears amongst many that the EU is fully and openly embracing the road towards super-statehood.

In previously published reports, as well as in comments made by Juncker himself, it has become clear the Commission are seeking the introduction of a new executive office. This office, which may come under the guise of President or Chancellor, could seek powers well in excess of the EU’s current competencies. The ability to alter and revise the financial budgets of Nation States is reportedly one such power, which would irrevocably alter the EU-State balance of power.

In addition to a single EU President, the report outlines another new initiative, “citizen’s assemblies”. While the report only goes into limited detail here, many critics have expressed alarm over a move which they view as a brazen attack on the Nation State and all that it encompasses.

By calling for the direct election of a President, an all-powerful executive and regional assemblies, the EU has signalled its intent: a unified federal Europe, with Jean-Claude Juncker at its head.

With a flag, currency, anthem, seemingly an army in development and discussion of regional “citizen assemblies”, the proposals in this report -- if implemented -- would bring us to the last stretch along the federalist road. This is no longer federalism through the back door – which has occurred for decades. Nor is this typical of an organisation known to intentionally hide its federalist aims. The report is here for anyone who cares to read it.

The report follows in the vein of many a mild mannered and softly spoken Eurocratic enemy of the Nation State, whose attempts to establish a federal European Union remain undimmed. In a report which appears to advocate for indoctrination, in all but name, of the young through education, and which calls for a federal state, Brexit couldn’t have come at a better time.

We voted to Get Britain Out of the EU, and as these troubling moves demonstrate, it’s now more imperative than ever to guarantee we Leave. Now is not the time for our politicians, of any party, to contemplate betraying Brexit.

Daniel Huggins is a Research Executive at cross-party grassroots campaign Get Britain Out

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