Mental wellbeing will be a top boardroom issue in 2018 says Perkbox

Mental health, the rise if millennials and people analytics set to dominate the HR and boardroom agenda this year as companies strive to empower the workforce in 2018

by the commentator on 1 January 2018 21:14


Businesses will put the mental wellbeing of employees at the top of the 2018 boardroom agenda, according to new predictions from Perkbox, the UK’s fastest growing employee benefits platform.

The news comes as Britain faces a major mental health crisis, with Police and health workers under increasing strain due to the volume of incidents impacting members of the public. The Perkbox predictions suggest companies will take action to tackle the crisis, predicting that

companies will focus on developing greater mental health awareness in workplaces and encouraging a healthier work-life balance.

Other trends identified by Perkbox include the rise of the Millennial workers taking up top posts in businesses, as bosses increasingly recognise their ability to add value to organisations. In addition, the company predicts that ‘people analytics’ will be used by HR teams to analyse people data and build more employee-friendly working practices.

Chieu Cao, CMO and Co-Founder of Perkbox said,  “As millennials rise in the workplace, the stigma of becoming a flaky job-hopper has become a thing of the past. This has come at a time when skills and good ideas are at an all-time premium posing difficulty to businesses which also have to fill specialist roles from a shrinking talent pool. The fear of Brexit’s impact in the UK also adds to this challenge.

“Fortunately 2017 has been a year where we’ve started scrutinising just about every HR practice we have in place, with many on their way of being reinvented completely. 2018 will be an exciting year where we see organisations – particularly larger ones – lean on these new resources to strive for differentiation and overcome some of the biggest problems of talent retention of this day and age”.

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