Parliament Street launches Highway to Tomorrow Tech Group

One of the UK’s leading think tanks has launched a major new technology research group. Highway to Tomorrow will produce policy papers and offer consultancy around issues facing UK businesses such as cybercrime and the incoming GDPR

by News Reporter on 1 February 2018 08:39


Parliament Street, one of the UK’s most influential think tanks has today announced the launch of a new technology research organisation to investigate digital trends. The group, which is called Highway to Tomorrow, will produce policy research, insights and investigate the impact technology trends will have on businesses.

Hot topics on the Highway to Tomorrow agenda include the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the threat of cybercrime to businesses and national security as well as the rise of the Internet of Things.

Announcing the launch in central London, Patrick Sullivan, founder and CEO of Parliament Street said, “Digital innovation is the driving force behind business growth and innovation as well as new economic working models. With driverless vehicles and artificial intelligence set to transform the way the UK and other countries operate, we’re launching Highway to Tomorrow to show businesses and policymakers what the future will look like.”

Sullivan continued, “The Highway to Tomorrow group is Parliament Street’s first independent working group for the technology sector, building on our existing credentials in cybersecurity, BYOD and Big Data.”

The group is understood to be working on an extensive research project around the impact the GDPR will have on the healthcare system, and the protection of UK data. It is also exploring digital visibility and online profiles.

Steven George-Hilley, Chairman of the new Highway to Tomorrow organisation said, “We are excited to launch this new organisation under the prestigious Parliament Street banner, with a team passionate about digital transformation."

George-Hilley continued, “Technology is rapidly reshaping society and our economy and its high time research was conducted into the good, bad and ugly side of an increasingly connected world.”


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