Charities under fire over allegations of inappropriate behaviour

Oxfam and Save the Children along with a string of other organisations facing serious questions over allegations of misconduct and inappropriate behaviour by staff

by News Reporter on 12 February 2018 12:36


Oxfam is facing a total loss of government funding following allegations that the charity tried to cover up abuse by aid workers in Haiti. Ministers will quiz bosses on the reasons why the allegations were censored in a report presented to the charity commission.

Meanwhile Brendan Cox, whose MP wife Jo was murdered by an extremist, has furiously denied allegations that he behaved inappropriately to a young woman in America in 2015.

The Mail on Sunday obtained a copy of the Police report which alleges Cox ‘put his thumb into her mouth in a sexual way’. In addition it states that he grabbed the woman’s hips and pulled her hair.

In November 2015 it was revealed that Cox, a key figure in Gordon Brown’s inner circle, left his post at Save the Children following unspecified complaints of inappropriate behaviour.

Cox, an anti-Trump campaigner has previously attacked the President for ‘spreading hatred’.

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