Local Elections: Conservatives hope Ambrosino can cause upset for Labour in Hammersmith and Fulham

Boosted by improving poll numbers and a refreshing clean, green, and local campaign, Conservative Party candidates could cause upset for Labour in today’s local council elections. The Commentator spent several weeks touring key boroughs that are on Labour’s target list, including the marginal Labour-held ward of Addison, Hammersmith and Fulham

by News Reporter on 3 May 2018 13:46


This year’s local council elections in London have been hyped by Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters as an opportunity for the Labour party to wipe out the Conservatives in London. Top targets on the Momentum activist hit list include traditional Tory strongholds of Wandsworth, Westminster as well as maintaining currently held boroughs like Hammersmith and Fulham.

Theresa May is under pressure to deliver reasonable results in the capital, and holding existing key Conservative strongholds is essential to this effort. A wipe-out could see the Prime Minister face a serious leadership challenge, but a successful defence of key boroughs and some upsets for Labour in certain Council seats could cause a severe headache for Corbyn.

The Commentator has been analysing the activities of key candidates in specific areas, one of them being Clare Ambrosino who is running as the Conservative candidate in Addison, Hammersmith and Fulham.

In an area with a rich mix of international cultures, Ambrosino’s Italian background marks her out as a truly European candidate. Her campaign credentials as the founder of Women for Westminster and Chairman of the influential think tank Parliament Street means she will bring huge experience if elected to the role of Councillor.

Her campaign has focused on key local policies like cleaning up the borough, tackling crime and hosting local coffee meetings with residents so they are in touch with the people of Addison.

The campaign has also benefited from the expert advice of a senior campaign official who was brought in after running a major election campaign in the US.

As the votes are counted and the results collated this evening, Labour will be tested like never before.

A wipe-out of Tory controlled boroughs will be a victory for Labour. However, if the Conservatives keep hold of key councils and cause upsets in places like Hammersmith and Fulham, Jeremy Corbyn’s future could hang in the balance.

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