Member of Parliament: Entrance Exam

Prospective representative of the people? We insist you try this simple test to find out if you are of sound and proper character for the post

Would you make it in?
Adrian Moss
On 29 November 2011 14:04


Time allocated: 3 hours.

Answer all questions and follow the rubric where directed.

Show your workings.



a) What is 78% of 28%? (2 marks)

b) If 76% of a democratic body doesn’t represent a quorum then what the hell does? (2 marks)

c) What do you understand by the term sovereignty? Is it a good thing? Is it relevant today? What makes you think you have any right whatsoever to tinker with it on our behalf? (4 marks)

d) “A Minister is travelling on a train. On finding First Class full he gets his staff to move an elderly couple who have paid for first class travel, to second class, so he can have their seats” Critically examine this situation from both the moral and democratic perspective. (9 marks –bonus mark if you can name the MP)



a) What do you understand by the terms:

            i) Commoner (2 marks)

            ii) All in this together (2 marks)

            iii) The will of the people (2 marks)

b) “Government of the people, by the people, for the people”. Discuss this concept with reference to the European Union; judicial sentencing policy; immigration; MP’s gold-plated pensions. (7 marks)



a) Give a full account with dates and references, of your personal experience of:

            i) Setting up your own business (1 mark)

            ii) Competing for work (1 mark)

            iii) Recruiting and employing people (1 mark)

            iv) Manufacturing goods (3 marks)

            v) Being impeded by business legislation. (2 marks)

b) “If you’re not designing it, producing it or selling it then you’re not making a difference.” Discuss this statement with reference to the 2 manufacturing companies left in the UK. (7 marks)



(Answer only that question below which is relevant to you).

Conservative candidates

Given the sacrifice made by servicemen and their families describe and explain what the military covenant means:

a) to you

b) to a paraplegic soldier who’s just been made redundant by text message.


Labour candidates

Explain the interdisciplinary nature of the policy disasters of the period 1997-2010 which has left a million materialistically acquisitive young people out of work, poorly educated, and with little self-esteem, drive or ambition. (Extra paper will be made available)


Lib Dem candidates

Draw a nice picture of a tree or a cuddly polar bear.

(15 marks)



One day, all the workers in the private sector (i.e. cleaners, garage attendants, coach drivers, bar-staff, waiters, shop workers, car mechanics, airline and ferry staff etc.), outraged at having to work longer and pay more tax which excludes them from ever affording a pension themselves, decide not to serve anyone working in the public sector for 24 hours. Examine and discuss this rather capital idea.

(15 marks)

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