Come on Mrs May, outline the great benefits of Brexit

From the boost to GDP we get by deploying our budget contributions to Brussels in the domestic economy, through a fairer migration policy, to a whole new global agenda, the Prime Minister needs to steel up and wise up, and tell the public about all the great things we can do with Brexit

That's right, Britain's going bye bye
Sir John Redwood MP
On 15 June 2018 09:35

The Prime Minister tells us the government is committed to Brexit and wishes to deliver the benefits it can bring. That is good news. I look forward to early news from the government on the following.

First, I want to know how all the money saved is going to be spent, and a sense of urgency in getting us out of financial commitments as soon as possible. I have set out my own suggestions for increased spending on health, social care and other priorities. Spending that money at home gives a 0.6% GDP boost and saves us a lot of money on our balance of payments deficit.

Second, I want to see our new fishing policy as we become an independent coastal state. We need a policy that is kinder to our fish and our fishermen, and which lands more the fish caught in the UK for UK consumption.

Third, I want to see a new migration and borders policy which is fair between EU and non EU migrants, and assists the government in hitting its targets for levels of migration.

Fourth, I want to see the Trade Department roll over the current EU trade agreements with other countries into UK agreements and make good progress on negotiating good agreements with more of the 90% of the non EU world that does not have a trade agreement with the EU. I want the UK to offer reduced tariffs and barriers to developing countries in return for more market access for ourselves.

Fifth I want to see tax cuts in areas where we cannot cut taxes at the moment, including the abolition of VAT on green products and domestic fuel.

Sixth I want to hear what our global agenda will be as we regain our vote and voice on a number of important international bodies.

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