Latest polling tells a sorry tale about Corbyn's Labour

The latest polls make grim reading for the Labour Party. Despite Theresa May's roller coaster ride she has significantly increased her lead over Jeremy Corbyn

by the commentator on 17 January 2019 16:40


Opinion poll data out this week makes for grim reading for the Labour Party. Despite yet another week of tumult, confusion, chaos, defeat, and narrow survival for Prime Minister Theresa May, the public appears in no mood to offer succour to Jeremy Corbyn, and his own deeply divided team.

Just before Wednesday's vote of confidence in the House of Commons, Yougov released data suggesting that almost half of Britons wanted the Conservatives to continue governing, with significantly less than a third of the electorate prefering them to resign.

"Now new YouGov research conducted today shows that... half of Britons (48%) would prefer for the Conservatives to remain in office for now. Only 29% think they should resign and that there should be a new general election, while the remaining 23% don’t know," the polling agency said on its website.

YouGov's tracker data on who would make the best prime minister was even more worrying for the Labour leader.

Based on field work done on January 13 and January 14 this year, May scores 36 percent to Corbyn's 20 percent. Her lead over Corbyn averages 17 percentage points so far in January, compared with 11 percentage points in December 2018.

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