While the Brexit debate rumbles, Europe tumbles

So much attention has been devoted to the machinations in Westminster that it is easy to lose sight of the mass chaos engulfing Europe. Everywhere you look you see a continent engulfed in problems. Brexit cannot come too soon

The AFD's rise portends chaos in Germany
Joel Casement
On 1 February 2019 12:54

The Europe Union in recent months has been engulfed in turmoil and anarchy, and yet Brexit has managed to distract from all of the chaos which is slowly destroying the wannabe Super-State.

The tide of unrest amongst EU members must no longer go unnoticed.

In the past 6 months, the EU and its member states have experienced some of their most turbulent times in recent memory but little has been said or written about it in Britain. This is testament to the biased nature of the media, and the grip Project Fear has on our society and people.

In mid-December, for example, Charles Michel, the Prime Minister of Belgium -- a deeply unstable country in its own right -- resigned after he lost a Confidence Vote in his leadership. This was barely reported upon because the focus has been on Theresa May’s own leadership struggles.

It France, the ‘yellow vest’ movement caused months of chaos on the streets of Paris, and all over France. The movement has now become international, spreading to Belgium and Germany. The protests have involved demonstrations as well as the blocking of roads and fuel depots.

Some of the protests developed into major riots, described as the most violent since those of May 1968. The protests were directed against the failing Macron Government, and President Macron has been forced to reverse the Government’s position on key issues, such as a fuel price increases and a reformed tax system which was abhorred by the populace.

This is from the nation which wants to co-rule the EU alongside Germany.

In Germany itself, the decline of Angela Merkel and the rise of the AFD (Alternative for Germany) Party blights the country's future. This is from a nation which calls itself the dominant power in the EU. Germany is no longer the bastion of stability it once was.

Great Britain has been portrayed by the EU -- and by certain British media outlets -- as being in crisis. However, this is simply not true. We have not had protesters on the streets; so far, we still have the same Prime Minister (for good or ill, it remains to be seen) and, so far, we have not seen the rise of populist parties. On the contrary, they have been in significant decline.

Britain is attempting to orchestrate its exit from the EU, an institution which has proved itself punitive and vicious, intent on securing the most unreasonable exit imaginable for Britain. We believed we would be negotiating with our European ‘neighbours and friends’ in good faith. Instead, we have been negotiating with a tyrannical European Commission and European Union with no integrity and no intention of being reasonable.

We should not be surprised at this behaviour. The punitive penalties inflicted on Greece by the EU demonstrate just how the EU treats its member states. Many member states are experiencing turmoil, but we do not hear about it. There is a widespread Euroscepticism among peoples who are disgruntled by the influence of the EU on their nations. This too is brushed under the carpet.

An alarming example has been the face-off between the EU and Italy over the Italian budget. The Italian Government attempted to put in place a budget which was nationally orientated, and did not subscribe to EU directives.

There were reported “cheers” when a deal was reached. These were not the cheers of the Italian people, but of Italian Big Business and their government which had avoided disciplinary steps against Rome, ending months of verbal sparring and buoying Italian bonds and shares.

Let us be clear, we are negotiating with the bureaucrats of Brussels, and having to deal with their own dark motives. We are not dealing with our historic allies and friends.

We have much affection for our European neighbours, but the EU is not a good representative of their interests. Hence, we enacted our desire to deal with our European neighbours on a nation to nation basis through Brexit. We anticipated this would build up the nation state, much to the dismay of the European Union.

‘Project Fear’ was supposed to convince us of a scare story. It is little more than a masquerade trying to hide the turmoil in continental Europe. Britain is not in crisis. Britain is facing an obstacle in the form of the EU, and will continue to do so until we leave.

The systematic failings of and the growing unrest within the EU, that is the real crisis.

Only when we Get Britain Out of the EU will we better be able to clearly understand the abject turmoil engulfing EU member states, and that it is the EU which is causing this turmoil.

Joel Casement is a Research Executive at cross-party, grassroots campaign Get Britain Out

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