NHS IT thefts putting patient security at risk

The National Health Service (NHS) is being blighted by 17 hospital thefts a day, including confidential patient records storied on laptops, mobile phones and tablet computers, according to research from The Sunday Mirror.

by News Reporter on 25 February 2019 10:07


The National Health Service (NHS) is being hit by cyber thieves intent on stealing confidential information, according to a report in The Sunday Mirror. Investigators discovered that there were over 18,000 thefts record by cops in three years, charges were only brought in five per cent of cases, according to police figures revealed under freedom of information rules.

Most thefts included laptop computers, tablets like iPads and mobile phones. Other items included jewellery, purses and money. In one incident at University Hospital Southampton a patient vomited on the floor and asked for privacy to get changed then left with a TV in his packed bag. In one incident security guards caught a thief loading laptops into his bag but had to free him when police did not arrive.

The engagement ring of Marion Loveridge, 89, who died in hospital in Southampton General Hospital in 2015, was also stolen.

Security boss Anders Reeves, chief exec of IT experts Conosco, said the crimes were “sickening” and also left patients and staff at further risk of fraud. “It’s shocking that so many incidents of theft are taking place at hospitals, posing a real risk to the security of patients, doctors and nurses,” he added.

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