Farage: Unlike Labour, Brexit Party will be intolerant of intolerance

Announcing the Brexit Party's zero-tolerance policy on discrimination, Nigel Farage takes aim at Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party for turning a blind eye to anti-Semitism.

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 12 April 2019 15:56


Nigel Farage has been driving the news agenda data, with the slick launch of the Brexit Party. Mr. Farage ever the showman knows how to pull the magicians favourite trick of pulling a rabbit out of his hat. The defection of lifelong Conservative, Annunziata Rees-Mogg to the Brexit Party was a plot twist worthy of Game of Thrones.

The Brexit Party leader spent the final weeks of the 2016 US Presidential Campaign as an important surrogate for Donald Trump and it looks like he intends to import American political professionalism to Britain.

Seeking to differentiate his new Party from the other major Parties in Britain, which have had very public problems with discrimination of late; Mr. Farage announced to Sky News, this afternoon, that the Brexit Party has a definitive zero-tolerance of intolerance policy saying:

“We are going to be a Party deeply intolerant of intolerance. You know, we are not the Labour Party. We are not going to turn a blind eye to anti-Semitism or any of those things. We in the Brexit Party will not have it.”

The Brexit Party is evidently here not to be a spoiler for the Conservative Party but instead intends to take on both the Tories and Labour. Jeremy Corbyn should be extremely concerned because Nigel Farage is not going let voters forget which Party leader has a proven record of taking a lax approach to discrimination.

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