Jim Cramer: Twitter has cleaned up the bad guys

Wall Street legend, Jim Cramer credits Twitter's tough stance on internet trolls for the company's surging stock value

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 23 April 2019 18:36


It has been a good day for those who own stock in Twitter. Stocks in the popular social media platform have been surging all day, on the back of the Silicon Valley based company announcing it’s first quarter earnings. They shattered conservative expectations on Wall Street.

The good news did not stop there. Twitter was also able to silence those critics who had claimed the platform had peaked, by announcing strong, steady user growth.

Explaining how Twitter had prospered whilst other social media platforms had come in for a tough time of late was legendary former hedge fund manager, Jim Cramer who told CNBC:

I think Twitter has really gotten it together, and why? They cleaned up the bad guys, which means a lot more people are willing to advertise again.”

Cramer, who also hosts the entertaining Mad Money with Jim Cramer on the channel, was effusive in his praise of the company and how they have handled the challenge of abusive internet trolls  saying:

I think the ethos has changed there. I think that they basically say ‘OK. Listen we’re willing to kill numbers in order to be able to save them’. And they really do a great job.”

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