Biden gets key New Hampshire endorsement

Former Vice-President Joe Biden has had a running start to his Presidential campaign, and nowhere more so than in New Hampshire.

by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor on 27 April 2019 01:20


Former Vice-President Joe Biden announced his candidacy for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, yesterday. That made him the 20th Democratic Party candidate hoping to be elected President, in 2020.

The Democratic field of candidates is the most diverse of any major Political Party in American history. That having been acknowledged, Biden’s biggest rival for the nomination is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who like the former Vice-President, is a white man in seventies.

Currently Biden is leading Sanders in the national polls but they are notoriously volatile. If history is any guide to go by; the Democratic Primary will be won by the candidate with the greatest momentum. It is has become a truism amongst the Washington D.C. Press Corps that the surest road to the White House runs through either Iowa or New Hampshire.

Iowa, affectionately known as the Hawkeye State, kicks off the nomination process on 3rd February 2020, with their first-in-the-nation caucus; a role they have had within the Democratic Party nomination process since 1972. This is a role the citizens of Iowa take incredibly seriously. The State credits itself with setting Barack Obama off on his journey to the White House by giving him a historic win in the State’s 2008 caucus. They made it up to Hillary Clinton, in 2016, when she won the contest, in which she had finished third in 2008. Unfortunately for former Secretary of State Clinton her victory over the aforementioned Sen. Sanders was by a quarter of a percentage point; the narrowest in State history.

New Hampshire, affectionately known as the Granite State, continues the nomination process on 1th February 2020, with their first-in-the-nation Democratic primary; a role they have played within the Democratic Party nomination process since 1920. Their premier position in the process was enshrined into State law, in 1977. Sen. Sanders beat Sec. Clinton by a margin of over 22% in the 2016 Primary, in part due to his being something close to a favourite son candidate, given he serves the neighbouring State of Vermont, in the U.S. Senate. Sanders position of as an almost favourite son will be diluted by the presence of an almost favourite daughter, the Democratic Senator from the other neighbouring State of Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, on the ballot paper.

This does create a potential route to victory in the New Hampshire Primary for former Vice President Biden but that would most likely require the State’s Democratic Party to swing its weight behind his campaign. In this respect he has made a strong start.

Following, the official announcement of Biden’s candidacy; former Democratic Governor of New Hampshire John Lynch threw his considerable support behind the campaign. In an interview with WMUR-TV, an ABC affiliate based in Manchester, New Hampshire, Fmr. Gov. Lynch said:

I trust Joe Biden. I think he is a person of strong moral character, ethics and integrity. And I think that’s what we need in the White House.”

In addition to Biden’s unquestioned character and a long standing friendship, Fmr. Gov. Lynch told the station that electability played a key role in the endorsement, telling his local news station:

I think he can be successful, against Donald Trump. And I think, if Joe Biden is the nominee; he’ll be elected President of the United States.”

John Lynch served as Governor of New Hampshire from 2005 to 2013 and remains one of the most popular Democrats in the Granite State. His endorsement was a major victory for newly established Biden campaign, which surely hopes that where John Lynch goes, the voters of New Hampshire will follow.

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