Trump 2020: Bigger, Better and Badder

President Trump has built a campaign machine that is “lightyears ahead of any campaign in history.” His 2020 Campaign Manager, Brad Parscale spoke to Face the Nation, yesterday.

Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor
On 29 April 2019 07:03

Whilst the U.S. Political Reality TV show for the rest of the year is going to be the Democratic Presidential Primaries, the current President, Donald J. Trump is already working on building a campaign juggernaut to knock out whoever the Democrats choose to be their champion in 2020.

This doesn’t mean President Trump will be quiet for the rest of the year. He has actual governing to do and deals to make. He is causing chaos in the Democratic Primaries with tactical tweeting, which includes giving the candidates nicknames like “Crazy Bernie” and “Sleepy Joe”. For all the chaos he causes his opponents, President Trump only need spend the time it takes to send a tweet, in order to disrupt the Democratic campaigns for days.

President Trump has promoted the digital media director from his 2016 Presidential campaign, Brad Parscale, to role of campaign manager for the 2020 re-election campaign. Parscale is a true Washington outsider with his first job in politics being working on the 2016 campaign. Prior to that he was the web developer for the Trump Organisation, a role he started in 2011.

His relationship with the President, his family and his inner circle predates President Trump’s forays into politics. This means that there is a level of trust between campaign manager and candidate that is rare is the backbiting world of Presidential politics.

Mr. Parscale is not a showboat and rarely gives television interviews. It was a coup therefore for the CBS Sunday morning political show, Face the Nation, to secure one of these rare interviews. Mr. Parscale told host Margaret Brennan that the 2020 re-election campaign is already in full swing, declaring:

In every single metric, we are looking at being bigger, better and badder than we were in 2016. And we’ll - but this time we are not out there to prove we can do something, the President’s proved he has done it and now we just have to deliver what he’s done.”

When asked by Ms. Brennan about what States the campaign was most focussed on, Mr Brennan predicted what would amount to a Trump landslide victory saying:

“We have to go back and win Michigan again, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. We plan on also being in Minnesota very soon. I think New Mexico is in play in 2020. I think New Hampshire, I think we continue to grow the map. I think Nevada, you know even Colorado. And so those are- those are states we did not win in 2016 that I think are open for 2020.” 

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