Top Ten in Tech

A new regular segment showcasing ten of the most interesting and insightful technology articles published on the world wide web

by News Reporter on 5 May 2019 01:57


The Top Ten Tech articles recently are:-


Washington Post: Current, former Pentagon leaders sound alarm on Chinese technology in 5G networks

USA Today:  5G is speedy, but does it also raise the stakes on privacy, security, potential abuse?

MIT Sloan Management Review – The Perils of Applying AI Prediction to Complex Decisions

Venture Beat: At F8 2019, Oculus proved VR is too important to trust to Facebook

Vox:  Facebook almost missed the mobile revolution. It can’t afford to miss the next big thing

Politico:  How one country blocks the world on data privacy

Foreign Policy:  The Spygate Revolution

Rudaw:  280 characters in search of new politics

Spiegel Online: How the German Right Wing Dominates Social Media

ZDNet:  MIT finally gives a name to the sum of all AI fears

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