Thought Leaders

Thought Leaders is a new regular segment seeking to serve up a selection of the most interesting or original output from the diverse ecosystem of think tanks.

by News Reporter on 5 May 2019 04:15


Our selection of ideas and insight are:-


Heritage Foundation – Video: Brexit and the US-UK Defence Relationship

Institute for Government – Tony Blair: Devolution, Brexit and the future of the Union

Demos – At Home in One’s Past: Nostalgia as a Cultural and Political Force in Britain, France and Germany

Council on Foreign Relations – Controversy Over Sexual Violence in Conflict at the UN Security Council

European Parliament Think Tank – What role in European Defence for a post-Brexit United Kingdom

Fabian Society – Professor Anand Menon: A Game Plan for the Left

Centre for European Reform – You never listen to me: The European-Saudi relationship after Khashoggi

Innovation Unit – Reimaging Education Together

Information Technology and Innovation Foundation – A Policymaker’s Guide to Blockchain

Foreign Policy Research Institute – The European Legacy of the Brexit Referendum: APositive Impact on the EU


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